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Masterplan is the annual business plan competition hosted by IIM Ahmedabad. Masterplan seeks to identify budding entrepreneurs to contribute to India's buzzing economy.

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Entre Cell

The Entre Club is driven by enthusiasm to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in IIMA. The Club constantly tries to motivate the students and empowers them with the necessary skills to excel.

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The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) is a conduit for entrepreneurship across India - by means of incubation, acceleration, mentoring and funding.

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Confluence is IIM-A's annual international business summit. Confluence 2016 is scheduled on 25 Nov - 27 Nov.

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IIM Ahmedabad invites you to partner with us in our endeavour to promote entrepreneurship.
Drop in a mail at masterplan@iima.ac.in to know more about how you can contribute.


Masterplan 2016 promises to ensure that no great idea gets left behind and unexplored. The competition will have the following five Arenas: Business Stratups, Social Startups, Business Ideas, Social Ideas and Cognitive Computing

Arena 1: Business Startups

Web Design Trends

Have you already started the entrepreneurial journey? This 'Sub-Competition' of Masterplan 2016 is created exclusively for startups that have already registered as a company. Take this opportunity to compete, network and get noticed by top investors in India.

Arena 2: Social Startups

Free Bootstrap Seminar

Want to make the world a better place to live, through your venture? Here’s your chance! This 'Sub-Competition' of Masterplan 2016 looks for innovative startups (registered companies) that wish to make a substantive difference in the lives of people.

Arena 3: Business Ideas

A new outlook, a new opportunity always exists. Find it and join us for Masterplan. This 'Sub-Competition' focuses on business ideas that show the spark to rule the world.

Arena 4: Social Ideas

Do you have the next big idea that will revolutionize the social sector? This 'Sub-Competition' focusses on providing a great opporunity to convert your idea into a social venture.

Arena 5: Cognitive Entrepreneurship Challenge

Powered by IBM

If you believe machines can be more human, there is no better opportunity to be part of this IBM sponsored sub-competition. The challenge focuses on students and startups wanting to solve traditional business problems or the new age business challenges through the interventions of Artificial Intelligence. These platforms encompass machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech and vision, human-computer interaction, dialog and narrative generation and much more. IBM brings to you bunch of unique services which will help transform your businesses today and tomorrow. This track is to challenge you to build your business plan with help of various Cognitive APIs available with IBM.

Slides Format for Round 1

  1. Describe your problem statement (100 words) and solution offered (200 words)
  2. Target Audience and Revenue Model
  3. Closest Available competitor and uniqueness
  4. List of Watson APIs/Services to be used
  5. Cases and scenarios with use of Watson APIs
  6. Team Details, Name, Email, Profession, Startup Role

Evaluation Criteria

  • Uniqueness of solution of existing or new business problem with Watson APIs
  • Ability to implement the idea - Technically and Business wise
  • Business impact of problem being solved

Education Material


Round 1 - Executive Summary - 5th October

Round 1: Executive Summary

Registered teams will compete against each other in a display of creativity and clarity of thought. In this round participants are tasked with explaining the idea in an Executive Summary answering the questions to
1. What is the existing gap or problem that you are solving?
2. What is your solution/idea/product?
3. What is your revenue model?
Entries reaching us after the deadline will not be entertained for evaluation under any circumstances.

Round 2 - Video Pitch - 27th October

Round 2: Video Pitch

Registered teams will compete in this round by submitting a video link (e.g. Youtube) of their 100 second pitch video. The round will simulate elevator pitches which are becoming increasingly popular among the startup community. Clarity, Focus and Conviction are all up for display in this round. Any entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered under any circumstances.

Round 3 - Business Plan - 13th November

Round 3: Business Plan

Shortlisted teams from the first and second rounds will be invited to submit their comprehensive business plans. There will be a prescribed format (to be communicated to shortlisted teams only) for the B-plan covering specific aspects such as financials, operational issues, marketing and HR strategy and contingency plans. For the comprehensive B-plan submission, teams may choose to diverge (add or subtract sections) from the prescribed format if deemed necessary. However, it is highly recommended to adhere to this format.

Round 4 - Final Presentation - 26th November

Round 4: Final Presentation

Winners from the Business Plan Round will be invited to IIM-Ahmedabad campus during Confluence 2015 (International Business Summit of IIM-A) to be held between 25th November and 27th November 2016. Final round will comprise of presentation and Q and A with judges and interactions with representatives from funding agencies and incubation organizations. Top three teams will be selected as winners and runners-up respectively in the finals in each category. However, all the teams making it to the campus finals will get opportunities to pitch to investors, angels and seed funds representing a wide range of industry domains; which may lead to further mentoring opportunities for all finalist ventures, and eventually leading to probable fund-raising or equity infusion.

*Cognitive Computing has combined Round 1 and 2 with deadline 2nd November.
 Submission in form of presentation as per the mentioned format


  1. Teams will have unique team names of their choosing, and will be required to nominate a team lead. The proposed venture's name may be same or different than the team name. The teams are required to indicate team during registration. All submissions, beginning executive summary, shall indicate both team name and proposed venture name.
  2. Any supplementary information meant for the teams will be communicated directly to the team lead subsequently via email.

Team Composition

  1. The event is open for teams comprising of students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs as well as other independent individuals (employed or self-employed)
  2. A team can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 members. Members can be from any organization. All the members may or may not be from the same organization.
  3. One participant cannot be part of more than one team.
  4. No change in the team structure is permitted after the team is registered. Please register your team after careful thought and deliberation.

Confidentiality & Legal

  1. Masterplan, IIM-Ahmedabad honors the confidentiality of all participants and their business plans and venture ideas. All judges and mentors associated with the competition also recognize the sensitivity of the plans being presented.
  2. The Masterplan 2016 Organizing Team may publicize the names and associations of judges and mentors associated in the evaluation rounds of the competition. However, the individual contact information for such judges will neither be disclosed, nor be sought by any of the teams.
  3. No participating team may under any circumstances attempt to contact a judge during evaluation stages of the competition. Any such behavior will result in the disqualification of the team from the competition.


  1. Who is eligible to participate in MasterPlan?
  2. The contest is open to students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, as well as other independent individuals (employed or unemployed)
  3. Do all the team members have to be from the same University / Business School / Organization?
  4. No. All the team members need not be from the same University / Business School / Organization.
  5. Can corporate participants from different companies form a Team?
  6. Yes. Corporate professionals from different companies can form a team together.
  7. Can the team have a mix of Business school students/undergraduate students/corporate professionals/entrepreneurs/other individuals?
  8. Yes, the team can have any mix of participants.
  9. Is the team composition mentioned at the time of registration final?
  10. Yes. No changes will be allowed in the team composition after registration. Therefore, please enter the team details after proper deliberation.
  11. What if a person gets registered as part of more than one team?
  12. Both the teams will become ineligible to participate. Therefore, please check with the proposed team members before registering.
  13. What is the registration fee for participation?
  14. There is no registration fee.
  15. Where will the final round of the event be held?
  16. The Grand Finale will be held on the campus of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad between 25th November and 27th November, 2016 during Confluence 2016.
  17. Can we consult non-team members such as professors or industry experts?
  18. The interaction with non-team members should be restricted to interviews and surveys, and proper reference should be made to the same in the business plan document. Similarly, any other information source including published studies may be used, but the document submitted should contain proper references.
  19. Should the business plans strictly adhere to a structure?
  20. While adherence to any structure is not compulsory, all the relevant aspects such as business concept, vision, market opportunity, competitive advantage, detailed competitive analysis and the resources and finances required to implement the idea can be included. Relevant financial projections including expected cash flows, pro-forma balance sheets and P&L statements can be included. Proposed management structure and relevant assumptions may also be included


Sajal Jain

Coordinator, Entre Cell


Ranjitha Lakshmi Vellanki

Coordinator, Masterplan 2016


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